Your money farm!

The BAKTAT Farming Crowdfunding Plattform utilizes the benefits of farming by summarizing all users’ deposits into profits

BAKTAT FARMING has the perfect strategy for you to profit in the agricultural business without the need to buy farms, equipment and cattle. BAKTAT FARMING will allow your to participate in individual agricultural projects!

Detailed presentation of our ICO (English Version)
ICO Projemizin detaylı sunumu (Türkçe Versiyonu )
Over 30 years of experience in this industry and millions of satisfied customers not only in Germany but also worldwide

We use our experience to democratize the farming industry and share the profitability amongst those interested in it

The global food and groceries market is currently valued at nearly $12 trillion (2019) and it’s expected to sustain a CAGR of 5%.

Our asset profile includes projects in more than 42 categories which are started all over the world.

A growing population requires a growing agricultural business

What is BAKTAT Farming

BAKTAT Farming uses the benefit of farming by summarizing all the user’s deposited funds into no-loss projects. After harvesting and selling, huge rewards will be provided to our BAKTAT Farming users by an unequal method. That means with a small amount of tokens you can still earn huge rewards.

Goals and Vision

The aim is to secure the best locations worldwide for the realization of farmland and to obtain the necessary licenses and land and to create an infrastructure with the BAKTAT Token which allows not only to participate in all farmland projects with the token but also to earn with the token.

  • Enable motivated people to get a foot into entrepreneurship
  • Start projects on 20.000 hectare land (short term)
  • Expand projects to 80.000 hectare land (long term)
  • Partnerships with owners of farmland
A rich choice in our asset profile

Dozens of projects are already envisioned and more to come

View our sample projects from the three categories
fruits, livestock and vegetables.

Banana Plantation

In 2015, Costa Rica grew and supplied one out of every 10 bananas consumed globally and ranks as the world's third largest banana exporter.

Sheep Farm

Livestock are the domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to provide labor and produce diversified products for consumption such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool.

Potato Fields

The National Potato Council of Kenya reports that potatoes are the second most important food and cash crop after corn in Kenya.

It does not take much time to

Become a BAKTAT Farming Profiteer

Get your

Acquire any amount of BAKTAT Tokens via our IEO, partners and exchanges after listing

Chose projects you want to participate in

As soon our plattform up and running, chose any project to allocate tokens and secure a passive income

Lean back and secure your income

As a BAKTAT Farming participant, you receive a percentage of the net profit of the project (in BAKTAT Tokens)

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Bounty / Airdrop
ICO Roadmap

Our ICO Roadmap

Q1 & Q2 2022
Intial Design and Preparations

Conceptual design and Team building Headquarter in Germany. Hackathon with development team start of Whitepaper creation Start Token creation Expanding Team. Expanding cooperation partnerships Like coinbase

End Q4 2022
Whitepaper and Website Development

Programing the Website Team expanding in legal department. Whitepaper Release with all partners Website Release

Q1 - Q4 2023
Laying the foundation for development

Start Bountyprogram and Airdrop. Social Media Start. Start developing the platform. Roadmap Updates. BNB Chain support. Start Crowdsale and Referral program as well as global marketing rollout (Q2).

Q1 - Q4 2024
Platform launch and more

End of the ICO (In Q1 at the latest). Full platform release. Searching Farmland. Conitnously Expanding the Team. Kick-off of the charity program. Drone watching / Smart Farming. Start of BAKTAT Farmland Resort and Animal Sanctuary

Benefits of

Super Deflation

Deflationary tokens wish to solve the issues with traditional finance. Going against popular outcomes, deflationary tokens have a positive impact on the crypto space.

Every buy and sell transaction contributes

1% Fee =
0% Development
0% Marketing
1% Charity
0% Liquidity

1% Fee =
0% Development
0% Marketing
1% Charity
0% Liquidity

Increase a Coin’s Value

In the fundamental law of supply and demand, an increase in supply leads to a decrease in demand. Deflationary cryptocurrencies focus on reducing their supply in the market, increasing their scarcity, and heightening their demand. Why, you may ask? It is common knowledge that rarer things to get are more enticing than those which are readily available. Using the same concept, investors have a stronger attraction to scarce coins than those flooding the market. In the long run, this will lead to an increment in the coin’s value.

Generating Profits

During the last bull run, deflationary tokens have been taking the spotlight. This element directly contributes to investor interests as they amass more profits. Another scenario for the same is if a platform decides to buy back coins from holders. The whole process leading to the coin burning will profit those who choose to short their coins. At the end of the day, the expected results will be a boost in value after burning.

Removing Extras from the Market

Unsold tokens in circulation are detrimental to the progress of a cryptocurrency. Deflationary mechanisms help a project to remove them from circulation instead of flooding the market. Furthermore, if there were coins distributed incorrectly, burning would be beneficial to rectify the mistake.

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Our Team

Özgür Baklan

CEO and Founder

Efe Miller


Hakan Turgut

COO and Co-Founder

Dr. Okan Aydingül

CTO and Head of Development

Christian Görtz

Cooperation Expert

Prof. Dr. U. Hildebrandt


Dr. Oliver Krauss


Clemens Hüber


Sebastian Osterrieth


Akar Yakit

Agricultural Expert

Eliz Nacak

Social Media and Support

Jessica Wolf

Social Media and Support

Laura Becker

Social Media and Support

Charity Cooperations

Our Charity Partners

We strive for cooperations with ministries and municipalities not only to create jobs in the respective countries but also to have long-term ties with the local authorities.